We are vastly experienced at providing total plant maintenance services across the asset-intensive industries, with in-depth knowledge and solutions to deal with the planned and unplanned issues that can occur. We have the processes, systems, advanced equipment and trained specialists to cope with all types of planned maintenance (PM), corrective work, pit stops, shutdowns, minor upgrades, revamps and emergencies to ensure each task is planned and executed with a maximum focus on safety, whilst eliminating interface issues and minimizing cost. We deliver your planned maintenance routines on time and on budget through our multi-disciplinary approach and project management capability, leading to significantly fewer maintenance staff on site and minimal repeat work. Unplanned or emergent work is quickly scheduled, resourced, and actioned, ensuring back-logs are maintained at manageable levels. Our planning and workflow management systems bring improved transparency and allow us to track compliance with operational and contractual objectives, which are crucial in meeting schedules and achieving desired quality and customer satisfaction targets. We can track available resources across multiple plants, the status of jobs, including those completed and billed, employee overtime, absenteeism, and employee turnover as well as manage our payroll. These systems have delivered significant productivity gains and are being used on multiple sites to track hundreds of jobs every day.

Flare tip replacement (onshore and offshore)
Flare tip and ignition system maintenance and inspection
Flare stack and riser construction, maintenance and inspection
Flare derrick structure construction, maintenance and inspection
Flare system revamps
Heavy and special lifting equipment and associated structural engineering services (including winches, sheaves, crane block, gantry, etc.)
Guy wire replacement, tensioning, maintenance and inspection
Online flare maintenance