We satisfy these demands by applying the latest equipment and technology with our multi-skilled specialists to meet and exceed rising environmental, availability and efficiency requirements in a timely and cost-effective way. Our mechanical services are uniquely developed to cater for projects of all sizes and we are one of the few companies capable of delivering simultaneous shutdowns in multiple countries. Being one of the first to adopt a ‘blind to blind’ approach, we offer a range of general mechanical services that includes fabrication, on-site modification, stainless steel welding (inert and normal atmospheres), vessel blinding, column cleaning, replacement of trays/internals, on-site machining (flange facing, bed milling, valve lapping services), flange management, controlled bolting and online leak sealing. In addition, we incorporate the pre-engineering essentials of estimating, planning, scheduling and task team orientation.

Chemical cleaning of process piping systems
Chemical decontamination of hydrocarbons, mercury and pyrophoric material
Chemical cleaning of oxygen service piping & equipment
Pre-operational cleaning in the power and process industries
Chemical cleaning of power station, utility & waste-heat boilers
Chemical cleaning of all types of heat exchanger
Chemical cleaning of feed water, cooling water and fire water systems
Specialized flushing of seal, hydraulic & lube oil systems
Laboratory analysis of system deposits & chemical treatments
Corrosion testing of cleaning solvents
Slug catcher cleaning & servicing
Internal & external ACHE or fin fan cooler cleaning
Sanitizing & disinfecting of facilities